Get to know the Team here at CellaVision

In this get-to-know series you will be let into the lives of some of our employees. Hear what they have to say about working at CellaVision and learn more about who they are.

Here they are!

"I've always felt I've been able to ask people and that people friendly and kind. My colleagues would never make someone feel stupid. It has been an amazing school and I've learned everything I know here."

Elin Lund Mechanical Engineer
Get to know Elin

My impression has so far been excellent, nothing but a good experience. Pretty early on I was given responsibility and was essentially told “complete this”. Personal responsibility is encouraged, and I really like that aspect of the work.

Thor Janson Administrative Assistant
Get to know Thor

“The best thing about my job is that I am faced with new challenging tasks every day.”

Johannes Persson Software Engineer
Get to know Johannes

I don’t change companies often but 4 years ago my gut feeling said that CellaVision was the right move for me and I haven’t been disappointed.

Andrew Gill Senior Product Manager
Get to know Andrew

There's a great, open atmosphere and people are genuinely kind and helpful!

Jesper Jönsson & Emmy Sjöstrand Software Engineers
Meet Jesper and Emmy

"It’s been great! We have two supervisors who both are highly involved in the project and has come with a lot of great ideas."

Julia Fovaeus & Justin Ma Master Thesis Students
Master Thesis at CellaVision

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